Hire Purchase

If ownership of your asset is what you are looking for, then Hire Purchase may be a good option for you or your business. At the end of the agreement you will have full title to the asset. Hire Purchase is often available with or without a final balloon payment, which can also be known as Lease Purchase.


  • Flexibility on your deposit and term length
  • Fixed or variable rates are available

Finance Lease

A Finance Lease will not give you title to an asset at the end of the agreement, however, it is a rental agreement where at the end of the lease you will have  a couple of options. You can continue to lease or rent the asset by paying an annual secondary rental, or sell the goods to a third party and retain the majority of the sale proceeds.


  • VAT is paid on the lease rental, which may be able to be offset against taxable profit.
  • Low initial outlay on deposit.

Operating Lease

An Operating Lease is a rental agreement where ownership of the asset is retained by the leasing company.


  • Risk or reward on disposal sits with the leasing company.
  • Potential to tailor your payments to match your cashflow.

Commercial Loans

Facilities available to inject cash into your business when you need it. They can be used for soft assets such as practice loans, refurbishments and income or business tax funding.


  • Term length to match period of cover.
  • Payments made direct to the supplier or to your bank account.


Personal Contract Purchase, also known as PCP, gives the flexibility to decide what happens at the end of the term with your vehicle and potentially help to protect against depreciation.  


  • Pay the residual value/final payment on your vehicle and keep your vehicle.
  • Hand your vehicle back to the lender, subject to return and mileage conditions.

Equity Release & Refinance

Available on either a Hire Purchase or Finance Lease agreement, it can look to raise funds for you or potentially to reduce your payments with a current lender. These facilities can also be used for any upcoming balloon payments on a PCP or Lease Purchase facility.


  • Available to business and personal clients.
  • Release capital against existing assets for use on other projects.

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